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Final product bears dark-straw and amber colors. Speci ic attention is focused on Georgian technology of natural semisweet wines.

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Such Georgian wines are called the natural semisweet ones due to the fact that their sweetness is accounted for by the availability of natural grape sugar, which remains digested. However, unlike the port, they are not alcoholized for inhibiting of fermentation. After iltration bottled wine is pasteurized and stored in cold and is transported through refrigerator cars. Top professional ensembles such as Erisioni and Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet are often touring abroad. Vigorous leaping male dancers, clashing swords lying sparks daggers quivering on the loor mingle with graceful gliding female igures on the stage dressed in elegant medieval gowns.

Add to these exquisitely fashioned costumes from Georgian mountains and valleys, drums, pipe and accordion - and you have an amazing performance that you will ever hardly forget.

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Thanks to them the Georgian national dancing and music has developed and become well known all over the world. Nino Ramishvili and Iliko Sukhishvili became inseparable partners both on stage and in life. Since three generations of Sukhishvili family have dedicated their lives to the Georgian National Ballet. This has provided a strong sense of national identity that has helped to preserve Georgian distinctiveness despite repeated periods of foreign invasions and attempted assimilation. The two-hour program of the Georgian National Ballet is the one continuous adventure story of the Georgian spirit.

The program presented by Sukhishvili and Ramishvili went through some important changes. The structure, architectonics, separate steps of each dance were improved and advanced. Throughout its history, the Georgian National Ballet has been represented by many world-known impresarios and companies. In , La Scala Opera House in Milan welcomed them and it was the irst and the only time a folklore group was given a chance to perform there. The curtain was lifted 14 times, a record. These 63 years of hard work was pretty productive for the company. New generation of the company managers created 12 new variations of old traditional Georgian dance, including Svanuri [svanuri], Zekari [zekari], Juta [ uta], Kisturi [kisturi] and others.

Though the Ballet offers and performs the classic dances such as the Khorumi, Khevsuruli, Kartuli, Simdi and more adhering to the amazing techniques and beauty of the Georgian dance. Samaia will make you catch your breath with its live music, delightful singing iery and lyrical dancing This is an ultimate combination of brilliant stage costumes, tuneful arrangement and harmonious movements.

The Georgian folk music can be considered unique without any exaggeration in the world music culture. If we imagine the world music map, we shall see that Georgia is a polyphony oasis in the desert of monody, one part musical traditions. The tradition of polyphony has been preserved from ancient times till today.

Georgian folk songs are generally written in threepart polyphony, though four-part writing is also found, as is clear from Gurian and Adjarian work songs. It is no accident that in a recording of the song Chakrulo [ akrulo] was launched into space on board of American space probe as an example of human civilization. The Georgian folk songs have always existed in close relation to social, religious and cultural institutions of the Georgian society.

This is re lected in titles and contents of the songs, ranging from religion, humor and work, travel, war, etc. The songs are intense, and cover the whole range from the very soft and intimate to the most vigorous and masculine. They have been handed down from master to pupil and from group to group through generations. The Georgian folk songs are exceedingly old, and are likely from pre-Christian time.

Today teaching of the Georgian folk songs is done increasingly in organized forms, like in choirs and training classes for children. Still Georgian folk songs can be found in more traditional contexts, for example at the Georgian feast supra. Here, the songs play an important role, both as pure entertainment and as a part of the toasting tradition. Hamlet Gonashvili is a legendary igure in the East Georgian folk song tradition In the West Georgian folk song tradition Vladimer Berdzenishvili holds a similar position.

Georgian congregational song Christianity became the state religion of Georgia in the irst half of th century, in Since that time, Christian cathedrals are built and divine services are conducted and, accordingly, Christian church singing has developed. Originally, Georgian church singing underwent foreign in luence like from Palestine and Syria, on the one hand, and Byzantine, on the other hand.

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But the original hymno-graphical patterns are created since the 5th century. Georgian church singing of the 7th century was already liberated from foreign in luence. The stream of polyphony came into church singing that caused nationalization of Georgian songs of worship. This process was based on the abundance of the elements of folk music, which depended more in the following centuries. Born in Tbilisi in , she began taking music lessons at a very early age and later studied at Tbilisi Music School for gifted children.

Between and , she was a conductor and artistic director of the Georgian State Chamber Orchestra. In , she brought this orchestra to Ingolstadt Germany and, in she became artistic director of the Oistrach Musical Academy in Germany. His remarkable talent was showcased in , when he won the All-Union Young Composer Competition but also angered Soviet authorities with his love of American jazz music. Over the next 20 years, Kancheli produced numerous musical compositions that revealed his mastery in dramatic structure and variety of themes. Kancheli emigrated to Germany in the early s. Working in Europe his compositions quickly earned critical acclaim and universal praise and Kancheli was recognized as one of the most important composers of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

Among his works are The Pranks of Hanuman and Sym. In , he taught at the Moscow State Conservatory. Sotkilava gained worldwide fame for his soulful performances and powerful voice.

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In he triumphed at the International Luciano Pavarotti Competition. Since then, he conquered all the major opera houses around the globe.